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5 Mantras to Silence Anxiety in the New Year

Has 2016 left a bad taste in your mouth about the new year? 

Past disappointments and setbacks can produce anxiety about the future, especially when an unexpected life event puts your life in upheaval and chaos. Sometimes the anxiety screams loudly and is often unapologetic. It works in conjunction with fear – its favorite sidekick and partner in crime – to overthrow hope and kick it to the curb.

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5 Things You Need to Quit to Get Ahead in Life

When It's Okay to Quit

It’s a great feeling to quit on your own terms. It’s freeing to walk away and let go of something that is no longer working. Quitting something is often seen as negative but there are certain things/behaviors we need to quit if we want to move ahead.

In my first LIT CHAT video, I breakdown 5 things we need to quit in order to move ahead in life and in our purpose. Check it out! 

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