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STORYTELLER + AUTHOR+ encourager   

=a book lovin’, pen toting, wordsmith with a heart to change lives through storytelling.

Writing is my specialty. Helping others make an impact with their words is my forte.

I only do drama on the page.

Pen of Kym Writes
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Hey there, I'm Kendra aka Kym Writes!

I'm a storyteller, coffee chick, content creator, cool nerd, big dreamer, believer, recovering procrastinator, unashamed binge-watcher & book-obsessed wordsmith on a mission to write words that empower and inspire.


Welcome to my digital space of inspiration

I've always loved reading and writing stories (which somewhat explains my “tiny” obsession with books and journals). I write contemporary fiction with edge and heart and help others improve their content, make an impact with their story, and discover the healing power of writing.

our own story-in-progress can become a pathway to someone's breakthrough

I'm passionate about penning words to let people know they can overcome adversity and find peace and hope in dark and broken places. It's possible to survive the unthinkable plot twists in our stories. I've been there, so I know the struggle is real. I designed this space to encourage you to keep going when life happens and remind you to never give up. I believe God can transform the messy and painful parts of our story into something beautiful.

Remember why you started

Maybe you're rebuilding your life after loss or struggling to pursue your creative dreams. This is a place to remind you of your why when you're weary, overwhelmed, and ready to call it quits.  A place to help you share your story with courage, change your narrative, and create meaningful content. So, if you need a good fiction read, self-care tips, faith boost, resources to improve your writing, or someone to tell you “YOU got this” as you navigate this unpredictable journey called LIFE, KYM Writes has you covered.

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The world needs your stories and mine. Let's make it happen!


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Pen of Kym Writes

Need a faith boost?

Check out these monthly devotionals designed to refresh and ignite weary souls, broken hearts, and dreamers to pursue the creative work your heart desires.


"THEY WILL NOT TAKE MY BOYS FROM ME…" The mere thought of losing her two sons terrified her... She needed to remain strong, but her hope and options were fading fast...

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Have you ever grown weary of waiting as you anticipate a breakthrough, opportunity or a long-awaited answer to your prayer request?

More Devotionals from KYM Writes coming soon