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How to Ditch Your New Year's Resolutions and Keep Your Momentum

Whether your 2017 deserves a high five for its kindness or a major eye roll for bringing the drama, you’ve survived the highs and lows and made it to the new year. For many, January 1st marks a new beginning. A chance to start fresh and create New Year’s resolutions to help them create change and obtain successful outcomes, whether it’s working out more or starting a new career. 

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5 Things I Learned During NanoWriMo

Over the past few years, I’ve attempted to join thousands of writers from all over the world in National Novel Writing Month - a challenge to write 50,000 words during November. Yes, completing a book in 30 days is as wild as it sounds, but NanoWriMo is a fun, crazy and exciting time. You lose sleep, stock up on extra coffee and put your social life on hiatus as you race against the clock to meet your goal.

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Why You Should Stay in Your Own Lane as a creative

It’s tempting to hop on the bandwagon and follow the latest trends as we wait patiently - and not so patiently - to land our big break or an opportunity that gets us to the next level.Writing books or creating scripts based on what’s hot right now, or building an online business modeled after someone else’s formula seems more appealing than sticking to your own strategy, especially when you’re barely gaining traction and others keep passing you by. 

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5 Things You Need to Quit to Get Ahead in Life

When It's Okay to Quit

It’s a great feeling to quit on your own terms. It’s freeing to walk away and let go of something that is no longer working. Quitting something is often seen as negative but there are certain things/behaviors we need to quit if we want to move ahead.

In my first LIT CHAT video, I breakdown 5 things we need to quit in order to move ahead in life and in our purpose. Check it out! 

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5 ways to make time for your creative work

Is your schedule, job or other responsibilities making it impossible to write or work on a creative project?

Life gets busy. Daily schedules become hectic. Time gets away from us. On some days, you just can’t drop everything and dedicate two hours to write or work on a creative project. Many of us balance full-time jobs with a side hustle. Others juggle home responsibilities and family life while pursuing their creative passion and chasing after their dream.

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3 Ways to move forward in life when you feel stuck

I came outside on my lunch break on a muggy, hot afternoon ready to head to the forest preserve, but my plans to read and write for an hour were derailed as soon as I took a look at my car. My rear tire was completely out of air. Flat. Not even drivable to the nearest gas station, which was less than two minutes away.

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3 reasons your gift gives you an edge in your industry


If you’ve ever listened to any of Billie Holiday’s music (All of Me, Lady sings the Blues, Strange Fruit), you’ll notice that her voice is unique. Distinctive. Whenever a song of hers comes on the radio, I know it’s Lady Day right away. I don’t have to ask “wait, who sings this song”  or figure out the artist behind the voice. 

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