5 Things You Need to Quit to Get Ahead in Life

5 things to quit to get ahead in life

When It's Okay to Quit 

“I quit.”

Declaring those words as I tossed my uniform across the McDonalds’ counter during the dinner rush brought me so much joy. My manager and I hadn’t seen eye to eye in a long time, and my hours were cut drastically as a result. I saw the writing on the wall, and I took it upon myself to beat her to the punch to save time. And to save face. My 16-year-old self knew it was time to move on. 

It’s a great feeling to quit on your own terms. It's freeing to walk away and let go of something that is no longer working. Quitting can be viewed as negative but there are certain things and behaviors we need to quit if we want to move ahead in our purposes.  

I recently started a YouTube channel (Conversations for the Life In Transit Community). In my first LIT CHAT video below, I breakdown five things we need to quit to move ahead in life and in our purpose. Check it out and sign up for the worksheet after watching the video! 

Video Recap! 

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