The Way Things Go...: Part I


I closed my eyes. The sound of people clinking glasses together was beautiful, almost like wind chimes. Why, then, did I feel so unbearably sad? When I opened my eyes and looked around the table I saw Jim leaning in closer to Jazzy, a wide grin spread across his handsome face. He whispered something in her ear and she giggled, the two exchanging a brief kiss before turning their attention back to the table. He scanned the room, his smile disappearing when his eyes landed on me.  

I looked down at my plate of untouched food, my face turning warm. I hated that he caught me watching their intimate moment. I'd hoped to go unnoticed today. But deep down, I knew he'd find me, even in a crowded room with fifty other guests. We were drawn to each other in that way. Nothing could change that.  Not even his engagement party.


PictionKendra Mims