Still Gone: Part II

It took him exactly 72 hours to send her the first text.  


That was it. Three words. Nothing original. No apology. Not even “I Love You.” She spent the last three nights tossing, turning and waiting for the ache in her stomach to disappear. But it never did. She missed him too much.  The phone calls began right after she hit delete. She pressed decline every time. As much as she longed to hear his voice, she was done. DONE. She deserved more.


She closed her eyes, wishing he’d accept the fact that things were over between them. But a part of her knew he’d never move on without trying to find her and convince her that they belonged together. As much as she hated to admit it,an even bigger part of her anticipated that day. The moment he begged for her forgiveness and confessed his wrong doing. And why he left her stranded at the altar in the first place.  

As soon as morning came, she repacked her duffel bag and headed out. It was only a matter of time before he figured out her hiding place. He knew her too well. She wasn’t strong enough to deal with him right now. She had to move on before she gave in.


PictionKendra Mims