Gone: Part III

The white brick house at the end of the block looked exactly the way he remembered it from his last visit over two years ago. He pulled into a parking space behind a mini-van a few houses down and turned off his car, attempting togo unnoticed. He knew exactly where to find her. The house on Park Ave had become her sanctuary after her grandmother passed away.  

An hour passed before she opened up the front door and walked down the long gravel driveway. She tossed her duffel bag in the trunk. She had to know he was coming for her. The thought of him showing up made her pack up her bag and leave. The realization made him even more anxious to talk to her. He had rehearsed his apology repeatedly over the past three days. And now that he had finally found her, he couldn’t bring himself to get out of the car. The words he memorized suddenly disappeared, leaving him with nothing to say.

She turned toward his direction and looked down the street, observing her surroundings before she hopped in the car and drove off. She never saw him. He couldn’t let her get away from him again, so he followed her instead, making sure he stayed a few cars behind her. His trailing led him to an eatery located right off of the expressway. He waited until she parked her car and headed inside before he pulled into a spot closer to the front door. He needed to keep a low profile but he also needed to see her.  

It wasn’t long before he spotted her at a table by the front window. He watched her sip her coffee and nibble on her food. Guilt crept over him as he took note of the sadness etched on her beautiful face. Time was getting away from him. He would lose her for good if he let her leave again without even talking to her. He hurt her. No doubt about that. He had to at least try to make things right. Explain his decision for not showing up. For ruining what could have been the happiest day of her life. Their lives. Together. It was either now or never.

He stepped out of his car and went inside.  


PictionKendra Mims