Gone: Part I

The way that he felt about her. She consumed his thoughts. He couldn’t allow himself to think of anything else. He was determined to be the man she needed him to be. No more lies. No more secrets.

He walked down the hall toward her room and knocked on the door. He whispered her name at first, trying to ignore the knot of fear forming in the pit of his stomach. The one that told him it was too late. He waited to hear her voice but there was no reply. He called her name again and knocked on the door harder, more urgently this time. No answer.  

A deafening silence greeted him as he opened up the door. He stepped into the room and looked around. Everything in its place, just as she had left it. Although her coat and purse were hung over the back of her desk chair, he knew she was gone.  

Her sudden disappearing act reminded him of where they left off. Broken. Bruised. Damaged. He had returned with a hope to restore everything they lost. He had to make things right with her again.  

He left the room with a newfound determination not to lose her. He needed to find her and tell her the truth. Even if it cost him everything.