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=a book lovin’, pen toting, word nerd with a heart to change lives through storytelling. Writing is my specialty. Helping others make an impact
with their words is my forte.

I only do drama on the page.

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Hey there, I'm Kendra aka Kym Writes!

Welcome to my digital space of inspiration for storytellers, readers, dream chasers, and creatives.

I am a storyteller and writer on a mission to create content & media that uplifts and empowers. KYM Writes is my place to inspire and entertain those who write, read and create and to help writers tell their stories, write with purpose and keep their momentum when life happens. 

The power of sharing our stories is real. Storytelling can foster hope, healing and encourage those dealing with grief, adversity, everyday stress and major life changes – the good, the bad and somewhere in-between. I write fiction that explores darkness and light; love and loss; and life's beauty and pain. My goal is to tell stories and create characters to which others can relate and to help people realize their own strength in the midst of their struggles. 

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This is my space to share my journey, personal musings, and stories on life, love and loss to encourage readers and those who dare to dream through the joy and suffering. Whether you need a good fiction read, content makeover, faith boost, resources/products to improve your writing or someone to tell you “YOU got this” as you navigate this unpredictable journey called LIFE, KYM Writes has you covered.

So now that you're here,  grab your coffee and stick around. Keep believing. And never, ever, ever, give up!


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Pen of Kym Writes

Need a faith boost?

Check out these monthly devotionals designed to refresh and ignite weary souls, broken hearts, and dreamers to pursue the creative work your heart desires.


"THEY WILL NOT TAKE MY BOYS FROM ME…" The mere thought of losing her two sons terrified her... She needed to remain strong, but her hope and options were fading fast...

More Devotionals from KYM Writes coming soon
More Devotionals from KYM Writes coming soon